Not just another tissue processor!  

Check out the versatile, expandable all-in-one Prepmaster 5100!







  • Walk-away Automation for 1x1x1 mm specimens

  • No pre-prep

  • Unparalleled consistency

  • Eliminate errors

  • Never lose a specimen

  • Customizable to easily adapt your existing protocols

  • Easily share protocols with other Prepmaster owners

  • Safer than manual processing

  • Easy clean up at end of protocol


1x1x1 mm Tissue Prep

The xB0Tx Prepmaster offers a wide range of possibilities for TEM, SEM and Light Microscopy specimen prep:
> Tissue/biopsies (1x1x1mm)
> Cells seeded on coverslips
> Organoids
> Vibratome sections
> Histology samples

*Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Light Microscopy (LM)

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