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The Prepmaster™ 5100 ensures fast, consistent, reliable specimen preparation of biological specimens for Transmission Electron Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Light Microscopy.


Prepmaster 5100 Advantage

  • Easy set up

  • Fast processing

  • Effortless preparation of cells seeded on coverslips in the same culture plate

  • Long protocols can be run safely overnight

  • Example protocols included  

  • Manual workflow easily translated

  • Easy clean up


  • Temperature controlled (5-60°C) sample dock

  • Prepares up to 24 coverslips per batch

  • Up to 24 unique reagents or rinses

  • Windows laptop computer control for fast, easy protocol creation and modification

  • Limitless number of protocols can be stored

  • Ventilated enclosure included

  • Flat, low deck enables convenient in-hood installation, if desired

  • Expandable for future applications

  • Compact footprint: 63x57x66cm / 25x23x26in (w,d,h) 48kg (106lb) 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

The Prepmaster 5100 ensures repeatability and reproducibility. It reliably accomplishes your dull, Hazardous, repetitive, and error-prone tasks, increasing confidence in your results and freeing your time for more interesting and productive work.

Robotic Specimen Prep Protocol Optimization for TEM using the Prepmaster™ 5100 Lab Robot: Astrocytes on Coverslips

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