Prepmaster 5100 Robotic Processor
Application: Cells Seeded on Coverslips

Prepmaster 5100 executing a dehydration step.

The Prepmaster 5100 automatically prepares cells, tissue, organoids, or grids for Transmission Electron Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Light Microscopy.


Prepmaster 5100 Advantage

  • Fast processing

  • Effortless preparation of cells seeded on coverslips in the same culture plate

  • Long protocols can be run safely overnight

  • Example protocols included  

  • Manual workflow easily translated

  • Remote viewing and operation via RealVNC

  • Easy to set up and easy to clean up


  • Temperature controlled (5-95°C) sample dock

  • Prepares up to 24 coverslips per batch

  • Up to 72 unique reagents or rinses

  • Windows laptop computer control for fast, easy protocol creation and modification

  • Limitless number of protocols can be stored

  • Flat, low deck enables convenient in-hood installation or ventilated enclosure available

  • Expandable for future applications

  • Compact footprint: 63x57x66cm / 25x23x26in (w,d,h) 48kg (106lb) 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

The Prepmaster 5100 ensures repeatability and reproducibility. It reliably accomplishes your dull, dangerous, repetitive, and error-prone tasks, increasing confidence in your results and freeing your time for more complex and interesting work.

Prepmaster 5100 Data Sheet

Robotic Specimen Prep Protocol Optimization for TEM using the xB0Tx™ Prepmaster™ 5100 Lab Robot: Astrocytes on Coverslips